24 Hour Emergency Line

We believe that everyone should go home safe.

Our number one goal every day is to go home safe. Like our values state, Working the SECURE way starts with Working Safely. From operators at our various field locations to employees who work at our Calgary head office and regional offices, safety is a cornerstone of our culture, because if we’re not safe, nothing else matters. Our track record of safe operations demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards and attests to our vision of striving for an injury-free workplace.

SECURE is focused on building a sustainable, values-driven safety culture and is guided by our Health and Safety policy (PDF) and our 8 Life Saving Rules.

Life Saving Rules


We are guided by and abide by our 8 Life Saving Rules (8 LSRs). The 8 LSRs ensure that all employees, contractors and partners Go Home Safe. We all work towards one common set of rules that help us eliminate significant incidents associated with our most frequent high-risk work activities. ALL employees, contractors and partners are accountable to follow the 8 LSRs and have the right to refuse and stop work where they are not being followed or when the work is unsafe.

  • Drive Safely - Wear seatbelts, obey speed limits, only use hands-free devices and follow journey management where the risks require.
  • Have a Safe Work Permit - Work with a valid work permit when required.
    Isolate Energy Sources - Verify isolation of energy sources before work begins.
  • Control Entry to Confined Spaces - Obtain authorization before entering any confined or restricted space.
  • Manage Ground Disturbances - Obtain authorization before starting ground disturbance or excavation activities.
  • Work Safely at Heights - Position yourself against a fall when working at heights (greater than 1.8m).
  • Avoid the Line of Fire - Protect yourself in a safe zone in relation to moving equipment and energized sources.
  • Manage Exposure to Hazardous Substances and Mixtures - Protect yourself against the exposure to hazardous substances and mixtures using the hierarchy of hazard control.

Emergency Preparedness

24-Hour Emergency Line  1-877-518-4321

Public Safety

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

24 Hour Emergency Line