Drilling Services

Our Oilfield Services business includes drilling and project services. When our customers need support with their onsite drilling, asset retirement requirements, SECURE has a complete suite of products, equipment and services to optimize performance. Our project equipment contracting services support the energy, mining, forestry, pipeline, government and civil industries across Canada.


Drilling Services


Drilling Fluids

Our technical process combined with our proprietary products provide impactful solutions.

Drilling Waste Management

Compliance driven drilling waste management solutions.

Fluids & Solids

Managing your fluids and solids with our extensive suite of equipment.




Decommissioning and Demolition

When assets reach the end of their useful life, we have the experience and equipment to complete the project safely, on time and on budget.

Oil Sands

Offering a variety of asset processing and project services in the Alberta Oil Sands.

Remediation & Reclamation

Our large fleet of equipment and resources are readily available across Canada to assist you through every stage of the remediation and reclamation process.

Pipeline Services

We provide pipeline integrity digs, maintenance, HDD program construction, HSE, geotechnical evaluation, abandonments and decommissioning.

Watercourse Crossing

Our extensive watercourse crossing services includes specialized equipment, sheet piling, coffer dam and aqua dam diversion and pipeline integrity repair.
Energy Infrastructure
Environmental Waste Management Infrastructure